December 11, 2023 Waikanae (Day 75)

Waikanae (pronounced why-kin-eye) is the end of the line for the Kapiti rail line out of Wellington. Of course we have to go to the end of the line!

All Aboard, track 4 to Waikanae!

We took the bus into the city, to Wellington Station and hopped the commuter train up the Kapiti Coast to the small town of Waikanae.

Enjoying the view through the big train windows.

The station at Waikanae is inland so we caught another short ride on the bus to Waikanae Beach.

Our first glimpse of Waikanae Beach between 2 Monterey Pines on the dunes.

The Kapiti Coast is named for the big island close to shore here, Kapiti Island which dominates the horizon. It is a pest/predator free nature reserve that is home to several native bird species that are thriving there. You can visit by special permit with Department of Conservation approved tour operators, for a hefty price! After walking the sandy beach, looking at the shells and driftwood tossed on the shore, we caught the bus back to the station. We caught a returning train and hopped off at the next town south, Paraparaumu (para-pa-rauw-moo) to check out the beach there.

Fishing boats were being pulled out of the water by cars and a tractor!

This town is a little larger, with more going on, mainly fishing boats returning. The boat was beached and a trailer was rolled down to it then a winch pulled the boat up onto the trailer. A car or the tractor with high wheels would then drive the boat away! Kapiti island is the backdrop.

Across the street from the beach was a familiarly named restaurant!

We meandered around town and finally caught a bus back to the station and the train back to Wellington. It was a nice smooth ride!

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