Canoeing Hosmer Lake


Robert prepared the ‘mothership’ Old Town canoe with the electric trolling motor for our leisurely float on our favorite high cascades lake. Only electric motors are allowed on Hosmer Lake which is also a favorite for fly fishermen in waders and float tubes. We shoved off in the early afternoon, giving the weather plenty of time to warm up for us.


Raymonde and I enjoyed our spots in the tow canoe. We had lots of opportunity to enjoy the views and the wildlife, mostly water birds.


South Sister still has a little snow left on the glaciers, and a beautiful reflection in the clear lake waters. We beached in a cove and had a picnic lunch. The sound of the cooler lid opening brought camp visitors, more aptly called camp robbers! These Clark’s Nutcrackers must visit everyone who stops here, they were fearless!


Our return float was very relaxing for me and Raymonde!


While Michel kept his eye on the distant shore.


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