River Trail

For all the years we lived in Bend (1986 to 1997) and the 3 years we’ve had this property, we never walked the Deschutes River Trail. For Sammy’s birthday (Happy B-day again, Sammy!) we decided to check it out. We drove the 13 miles into town, across the river, then out of town on Century Drive to Meadow Picnic Area on the river. This site happens to be directly across the river from our neighbors that live across the street from us, so we were a good stones throw away from our property! We then had a great hike on a good path along the river.

Again, the fall colors were spectacular. We were on the opposite side of Lava Island Falls, where the fork of the river is narrower and more calm.

We stopped at a convenient bench to rest and look at the canal flume across the river. It looks like a raised train trestle in the upper left of this picture. Yesterday we were walking over there!

Above Lava Island Falls the river converges and there are placid stretches with beautiful views.

The aspen groves across the river weren’t in full color yet, but tops of groves could be seen out in the huge lava field across the river. We hiked a little past Big Eddy and on our return we stopped to watch a kayaker maneuver through the falls.

The kayaker is the red splotch in the upper center of the picture, it looks like he’s getting doused with a wave in the face.

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