Same Time Last Year


We’ve taken many, many pictures since we’ve been on the road starting September, 2003. From time to time we look back at our photos and reminisce. We’ll post some of these photos in the category “Robert’s Photo Album”. Here’s where we were and what we saw a year ago today!

Deer and javelina visited our campsite at Davis Mountains Indian Lodge State Park in Texas. On our way to Big Bend National Park.


The baby of the family was so cute, but the big boar daddy was very protective!


2 Responses to “Same Time Last Year”

  1. Sammy Says:

    Hmm. Javelinas! Wow!

    Four days ago, we saw a black bear…cross the highway in front of us (he scrambled safely over the guardrail and headed into the trees, moving at a FAST pace!)…in western Pennsylvania! First wild bear I’ve seen in a while (been spending too much time in the city, I think!)….

  2. rmj Says:

    Sammy, You’re alive! We’ve been so worried, you haven’t had a post on your blog in sooooo long. Robert checks it every morning to start the day off on a good note! What the heck are you doing in Indiana and Pennsylvania?