View from Fuzztail Butte

Armed with a Deschutes National Forest map and a hand held GPS, Keith and I set out to enjoy a ride in the woods yesterday. Just before my departure Mary Jo asked me if Keith’s truck has 4-wheel drive, yes I answered, all the better to get stuck farther out in the woods. Well we did use 4-wheel drive to climb the steep cinder road to the top of Fuzztail Butte. The view was fabulous, dark clouds to the west and sunshine and fog to the east. We spent several minutes in awe of the advancing fogbank, enveloping all the landscape before it.



3 Responses to “View from Fuzztail Butte”

  1. Sammy Says:

    Hey, love the pictures you’ve been posting lately! Makes me think of fun places I’ve seen! [On this post, however, I’m only seeing 2 pictures, with a little question mark symbols that suggest bad links for the first and fourth image. Ah, technology—ya gotta love it!]

  2. Sammy Says:

    Aha, that’s it: the advancing fogbank! Lovely. I remember one time being up on a locally high ridge in southern Mexico, fairly early in the morning, and looking down into the valley, which was completely obscured by billowing whiteness. I was moved to be above the clouds. Seriously!

  3. Sammy Says:

    Oh, and: is this what “Fuzztail” is referring to???????