More of the Garden

In morning light the plants were just as bizarre! Many were in bloom, especially those from the southern hemisphere, perhaps because in their native land this time of year is the beginning of summer.


An Australian tree was in bloom with what looked like little fireworks explosions of red and yellow. A hummingbird was busy harvesting the nectar in the tiny yellow flower tubes. He stopped for a second, but the iridescence of his feathers couldn’t be captured.


2 Responses to “More of the Garden”

  1. Kennedy Greene Says:

    Hey Mary-Jo and Robert,
    I hope you are doing well on the road.I hope you get this message.This is Kennedy.I hope I get to see you soon.I haven’t seen you in forever.We saw you about 4 months ago(I am guessing).So I hope you get to see aunt Diane,uncle Fred,William,and of course Freddrick.I am at home.I am amazed at the pictures you took.

  2. J.T. Greene Says:

    Hey couisins this is J.T. beautiful pictures hope you guys are safe, J.t. Greene your cousin bye

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