Emerald and Fuschia Jewel


Our present campsite is at the base of a little hill. Between the camper and the side of the hill is a small dry wash with some blooming ocotillo, a dead tree and a half live tree under which are some blooming bushes. In this little setting we’ve discovered a true jem, a male Costa’s hummingbird makes this his home.


He’s only about the size of my thumb and hard to see in the center of this picture. He won’t let us get close enough to get a good picture. He’s usually on this branch by 7:30 am and is busy flitting all over the place all day. Even on windy days when he clutches the branch and leans into the wind. We can spot him by the bright emerald green of his back, a very vibrant color against the backdrop of gray-green desert colors.


This closeup is fuzzy, but shows the white eyebrow and the feathered violet colored “gorget” of his chin, extending across and beyond his cheeks. Depending on the lighting the gorget is black to a beautiful bright fuschia pink. For more (better) pictures of Costa’s Hummingbirds click here.

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