Our trip north took us to Colonel Allensworth State Park, a small park with an amazing history. We walked around the roads and restored homes and businesses of the small town of Allensworth and learned a little of the historic significance of this town founded by the Colonel in 1908.


A small shack that was temporary home for some pioneer residents as their homes were being built sits next to one of the restored stores. The Sante Fe railroad grade can be seen in the background, the railroad depot was an important factor in the towns founding and early success. In 1914, the railroad built a spur line to a neighboring town, allowing most rail traffic to bypass Allensworth and depriving the town of economic trade. Increased demand on water for agricultural use and disputes with the land company that controlled the water rights were also instrumental in the towns decline.


The two room schoolhouse was in use until 1972.


Our camper can be seen in the background, at one of the 15 sites in the great little campground! We also saw lots of ground squirrels and even a burrowing owl in the open space in town, couldn’t get a picture of it though.

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