Springfest; March 20 ’09

Shrimp on the BarBee!

Shrimp on the BarBee!

Well, we were going to grill shrimp to celebrate the first day of Spring, but we were so busy resupplying in town, moving to our new campsite and setting up that we had to settle for the last of our shrimp from El Golfo, Mexico saute’d with veggies and rice. This delicious grilled shrimp snack was photographed by Alastair back in August, 2007 during a waterskiing daytrip to Prineville Reservoir in Oregon.

One Response to “Springfest; March 20 ’09”

  1. Dean Says:

    I like the addition of the map feature. I always wonder where you are and this provides great visuals. Now if you can only leave a “breadcrumb” trail that I can look at the map where each photo group was taken. We we momentarily confused about the tropical Mexico pictures. I knew you had been to Baja, but forgot about the adventure to Puerta Vallarta. This is great. How about a few photos of you guys eating dirt somewhere. It is so depressing for us working stiffs to see shrimp on the BBQ and beautiful vistas. You’ve got to let us feel good about our lives once in a while.

    See ya!