Getting Back ‘On The Road’

On Weds., March 10, in a light dusting of snow, we left our cozy neighborhood for another trip on the road. We headed to our old stomping ground of Lodi, CA. to visit with Terri, Robert’s coworker, and to eat at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Habaneros Hots. After a wonderful meal and visit we continued on to our favorite wide spot on the road, that’s Nacimiento Road, overlooking Highway 1 on the central California coast south of Big Sur. To our relief we found the spot unoccupied and set up for a week.

Looking north on the California coast

We hiked several times along Mill Creek into the cool redwood forest. We were searching for the chair fashioned from a log overlooking the creek. But time has passed and forces of nature have rechannelled the creek and the chair is relegated to our memories (and photos from many years ago).

The 'woodland chair' as we found it in Nov. 2002.

We took a motorcycle ride up Nacimiento Road to Prewitt Ridge, marveling at the views of the Pacific below us. We parked under a huge oak tree and walked up the hills for a great view.

We passed a patch of forget-me-not, to insure that we won’t forget our experience!

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