Canyon del Muerto -April 1

Today we toured the North Rim Drive, along Canyon del Muerto, the second major canyon that along with Canyon de Chelly makes up the Canyon De Chelly National Monument. We awoke to a snow squall but the sun soon melted most of it.

“Navajo Fortress” rock formation at the confluence of Black Canyon to the right, and Canyon del Muerto on the left, in the shade where snow still lingers. You can see the valley floor is still being cultivated by the Navajo.

“Antelope House” ruins at the base of a huge cliff. The builders were ancient puebloan people who farmed the canyon floor circa 1300 before the Navajo arrived on the scene.

A closer view of Antelope House, named for pictographs painted circa 1830 on the wall to the left of the ruins. For more pictures click here.

Sunshine on distant cliffs and snow on the Chuska Mountains to the north. Time to move on.

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