Goosenecks and Moki Dugway -March 30

That’s Goosenecks State Park, just northwest of Mexican Hat, Utah. And Moki Dugway is the name given to a treacherous 3 mile stretch of Utah 261 between Mexican Hat and north to Natural Bridges National Monument.

Goosenecks State Park presents one of the best examples of entrenched river meanders in the world. Over a linear distance of one and a half miles, the San Juan river flows for more than six miles through the twists of the canyon before joining Lake Powell after about 35 miles.

You had better pay attention to the road hazard warnings at the bottom of Moki Dugway!

We rode our motorcycles up the twisting 5 mph grade, carved on the face of a cliff to the top of the mesa.

On the way down we had views to the valley floor, 1100 feet down in a 3 mile section of road!

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