Rafting the Yampa

We woke to a beehive of activity. We soon discovered that we are camped at THE prime spot to put-in for rafting the Yampa river at this highest-flow time of year. We learned that the Yampa is the last undammed, free-flowing, wild tributary to the huge Colorado River system. As we relaxed drinking our morning coffee we watched 5 groups arrive, pump up their rafts, pack, load gear, gather for their pre-boating safety lectures, don their life-jackets, load passengers and cast off! Just as the last boat floated away, tomorrow’s group began to arrive to camp overnight before their launch. What we thought would be a remote, quiet campsite is one of the busiest spots for rafters in the country! By late July the natural run-off will diminish and the river will shrink to a trickle and the campsite will truly be a remote, quiet spot.

The National Park Service arrived with 5 rafts and a group of volunteer "weed warriors" who travel the river corridor and eliminate non-native plants.

The pre-boating safety lecture for another group.

The commercial guided trip casting off.

The campsite is situated on a natural flood plain that is occassionally under water!

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