Harpers Corner Road – May 31

We drove the scenic Harpers Corner Road in the center of the park (click to see map) to the Echo Park overlook, then hiked the mile long trail to the high point. What a vista! We could see the Bench Road (which we motorcycled several days ago) disappearing into the far distance and over the ridge toward our previous camping site. We looked down 2500 feet to see Echo Park, the campground we rode the motorcycles to at the base of Steamboat Rock. We could also see the Green river flowing south and the Yampa river flowing west to where they meet, hidden behind Steamboat Rock, then the Green river continuing around the base of the long, narrow Steamboat Rock.

The little ribbon of road on the right is the Bench road, the white rocks show where the Yampa river flows through canyons.

The Yampa river flowing towards its confluence with the Green river.

Echo Park campground, across the river from the base of the 'bow' of Steamboat Rock.

You can just make out the Green river flowing south in the upper left of the picture. The vertically curved rocks on the left are the 'stern' of Steamboat Rock. In the upper right you can see the Yampa river. They meet behind Steamboat Rock and continue around the 'bow' and flow west in the foreground.

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