Sept. 6; Scenes of Vandoeuvres, Tour of the Cathedral

Today we walked around the village a little, then Raymonde took us on a tour of old Geneva and the Cathedral that dominates the highest point in the city.

A lane in Vandoeuvres.

Another neat car.

Even in the mansions they air the quilts out the windows!

The tourist shot in front of the flower clock on the bank of Lake Geneva in the city.

A sidewalk 'epicerie' - grocery store.

Approaching the Cathedral.

We eventually made it around to the front.

We took the tour of the towers, up, up, the spiral stairs.

We weren't allowed up the wooden stairs.

Panorama over the roofs of old Geneva towards the Jura mountains.

Panorama towards Lake Geneva, also known as Lac Leman.

Panorama towards Mt. Saleve in France.

A peek at one of the bells in the tower.

The floor of the Bishops Reception Hall circa 5th-6th century, in the Archaeological exhibit dug extensively under the Cathedral.

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