Sept. 13; Nimes to Nice, France

We had a nice breakfast of sandwiches in our room then went out for a walk to get a cafe au lait and walk around town a little more. We returned to the hotel for another coffee and then headed to the train station for our trip to Nice. In Nice we found another inexpensive little hotel near the train station thanks to the very helpful ladies at the information center just outside the train station. After stowing our gear we took a walk to the Promenade des Anglais and got caught in a rainstorm. We waited it out under a grocery store canopy and continued our exploration of the city, climbing the 200+ stairs up the hill overlooking the seaside, old Nice and the Port to the Parc du Chateau, site of castles and fortresses, all demolished now to make way for a grassy tranquil park with wonderful panoramic views of the city and sea. The weather was not conducive to stunning pictures tho. For lots of pictures on nicer days click HERE.

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