Sept 15; # 2, Riomaggiore


We arrived in Vernazza in the afternoon and relaxed a little before tackling the last section of the coast route. Then we caught the train to the southernmost town- Riomaggiore, to start the hike north back to Vernazza eventually. The town of Riomaggiore was so interesting in itself, I have to devote a post to it.

We were greeted at the train station with murals dedicated to the pioneers of the communities.

Mosaics decorate the tunnel from the train station to the town center.

Murals also decorated a wall facing a small public plaza in Riomaggiore.

From the same square we could look left, down to the port.

The narrow main street of the village led up, up ,up.

Every day is laundry day! Make good use of the Mediterranean sunshine!

This is a typical small storefront in the small villages of the Cinque Terre, the products inside are sure to please. The fresh produce, the cured meats, the gelato, the wines, were all superb!

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