Sept. 21; Verona to Geneva via Milano

A travel day today. We took a morning walk to the Piazza Bra’ after our breakfast.

Morning light in Piazza Bra'.

We caught the train, a Eurostar City, to Milan. The countryside zooming by merits a good look sometime, it's the foothills of the Dolomite mountains.

The facade of the enormous Milan train station. We had some time so we enjoyed watching the hustle and bustle of the big city in front of the station.

Detail of the fountain on the far right of the station entrance.

Detail of fresco or tile work over an archway in the main hall of the station.

Our train to Geneva, not a bullet train, but fast!

Trees whizzing by, but you can make out the island in this southern part of Lake Maggiore.

Ten years ago we traveled around Switzerland for a week. We stayed in Locarno, a town on the north end of Lake Maggiore which is in Switzerland, and visited Isole di Brissago, an island with a fantastic botanical garden and villa.

The last stop in Italy, Domodossola. (I just like the way that sounds rolling off the tongue!)

The cultivated hills of southern Switzerland.

A glimpse of the Alps.

Back at 'home' in Raymonde's rose garden!

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