Sept. 25; Indoor Museums Day

Today started rainy and was rainy all day. Our tour guides took us to indoor venues to experience more Swiss culture. Our first stop was the Glass Factory in Hergiswil on the way to Lucerne (Luzern in German). The museum was a fascinating tour, like a labyrinth of scenes illuminated to guide you through the 190 years of glassmaking at the factory. The exit from the museum is above the factory floor where you can watch the craftsmen blow, shape and form the glass.

A line of glass threads mark the path of the molten glass from the furnace to the work station.

Our next stop was The Transportation Museum in Lucerne. The Museum exhibits and interprets all forms of transportation throughout Switzerland; planes, trains, automobiles, but also, cable cars, all form of boats and even space travel!

A vast array of electric trains through history are on display.

An "interactive theater" of fullsize autos, bikes, and other road transport vehicles cover one huge wall. Visitors can select the vehicle they want to see, and the robotized system conveys the choice onto a turntable for closer inspection.

The exhibits of navigation include a collection of excellent ship models.

The Aviation hall included a model of the Wright brothers plane and the Spirit of St. Louis.

We finished the day at a restaurant close to our Bed & Breakfast near the little town of Auw.

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