Happy New Year! or You Did WHAT?

Happy New Year!! I decided to start the new year with a new head of hair. Yep, I went all GI Jane, Sinead O’Conner, Sandy Baynham (for those who really know me) and cut off all of my artificially colored hair. I want to know the true color and texture of  my hair. I’ve been coloring it for so long I don’t know what it really looks like.  And at least now I know I don’t have a misshapen head!


7 Responses to “Happy New Year! or You Did WHAT?”

  1. Linda Charny Says:

    Didn’t realize there was such a water shortage that you had to go to such drastic lengths to save on shampooing! I’ll have to see a picture from the front to make sure it’s you, but I bet it looks great. Is it shorter than Robert’s hair? And you said you’re not even drinking! What a way to celebrate the New Year! Love, Linda

  2. Sammy Says:

    I see Mavrik in the first picture but not the second; has he abandoned you?

  3. Mel Says:

    Wow! At least you have lots of thick hair! Good job, Robert! ( I assume you were in charge of the snippers. )
    MJ, now your beautiful eyes will really pop!
    Your earrings will be more visible and won’t tangle your hair!
    My head is so small I would look like a garbonzo bean on a watermelon with hair that short!
    Love you, thanks for the update,

  4. rmj Says:

    It sure does save on water & shampoo, but I need to use more sunscreen! It is shorter than Robert’s and I’m stone-cold sober! Also I’m reading “Last Call – The Rise & Fall of Prohibition”. A great read and very relevant to the political scene of today with the evangelical Christians being the loudest voices.

  5. rmj Says:

    Sammy, no, Mavrik didn’t run howling off into the desert, I guess I still smell the same! Mel, My eyebrows sure pop now! And I make sure I ALWAYS wear your beautiful earrings! My hair is darker than I expected too.

  6. Berla Says:

    MJ, I love it…It looks Great, Me on the other hand I have a Round chunky Face…I’d look like a Beach Ball!! LOL!! Good to hear that You guys are enjoying your time in the Desert…Looking forward to when you guys get back to Bend!! Catch ya on Skype!


  7. rmj Says:

    Yeah, when I catch sight of myself in the mirror it looks like I have a huge head, or that I’m an inmate in prison!