Aug. 12 – Butedale

We had a great trip down Princess Royal Channel, separating Princess Royal Island from the mainland, past the ghost town of Butedale.

An abandoned cannery town, a popular stop for cruisers on the Inside Passage.

A view along Princess Royal Channel.

We anchored in a small channel behind a sand spit and the guys went out in the dingy to catch fish that were jumping everywhere. We were joined by a sea lion and a whale after dark, we could hear them splashing and breathing in the pitch darkness. The next morning I watched a trio of bald eagles along the bank, apparently a family. The larger, mature eagle flew to the water’s edge, stuck her head completely under water and pulled a salmon carcass up onto the rocky beach. Immediately an immature eagle flew over and latched onto the fish with it’s talons. The older bird flew off while the younger bird struggled pulling the fish further up the bank until it was satisfied and finally began to feed.

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