July 14, 2021 Glacier N.P.

After a few days camping in small parks across Montana, we arrived at Glacier National Park and camped at Marias Summit campground in the Flathead National Forest. No reason to try and stay IN Glacier N.P., it’s obviously going to be full and crammed with tourists! And indeed it was! We waited in line at the Two Medicine entrance on the east side of the park and milled around with all the tourists at the end of the road at the lake. On our way back out we found a small parking area with a short trail that we had never been on. We found a gem in the tourist madness! A shaded nature trail that described the plants and the ways that Native Peoples used them and a trail to an astonishing waterfall that appeared to gush out of a hole in a rock wall!

A few people had been swimming in the pool below the waterfall, and it did look refreshing! It was a very hot day, but the water was Glacially cold! It was tempting to try and climb up through the forest on the right to get to the top of the falls and figure out where the water came from, but there was no trail, so we opted to walk along the creek as it flowed out of the pool and admire the wildflowers.

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