September 14, 2021 Hosmer Lake

Returning to Bend, we took advantage of the warm almost-fall weather to canoe on our favorite lake, Hosmer Lake, one of the high Cascades Lakes off of Century Drive. We have to get there very early in the morning now in order to get a parking space. It’s so popular it’s being ‘loved to death’ by the growing population in Bend (over 93,000 now, about 20,000 when we moved here in 1986!).

South Sister reflected in the early morning calm waters of Hosmer Lake.

Our lunch break stop on the very cold, crystal clear waters of Quinn creek that feeds Hosmer Lake.

After our half day on the lake we returned home and grilled a fantastic shrimp and veggie dinner.

Grilled shrimp and grits with roasted very fresh, home-garden grown (by neighbors) carrots, and peppers. Yummy!

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