February 11, 2022 Depoe Bay

Looking for whales we went to Depoe Bay, to the Whale Watching Center at the entrance to the bay, “the world’s smallest harbor”. Apparently it is now in-between whale migrations. The 20,000 or so whales that pass this area headed south in December and January and will be heading back north starting in March. So we did some exploring in Depoe Bay. We walked around the edge of the harbor and found the City Park where Depoe Bay Creek enters the harbor. There is a fantastic short trail hidden in the sitka spruce forest behind Depoe Bay!

Heading downhill from Hwy 101 on the north side of the bay we accessed the harbor.

We passed the Coast Guard Station;

I guess the harbor inlet looks like a ‘hole in the wall’ when coming in from sea!

Once in the City Park we found the nature trail as we passed this cedar growing from the remains of a tree trunk.Continuing around the trail we headed uphill, back towards the south end of town.We didn’t see whales, but we saw more of Depoe Bay than we have before!

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