On Our Way to NZ! September 26, 2023

After 2 years of planning and having world and personal events cause us to cancel those plans, we finally were able to fulfill our bucket list of traveling to New Zealand! Our plane tickets took us from Redmond/Bend airport to Seattle, then to San Francisco where we finally boarded our Fiji Airways flight to Nadi, Fiji on our way to Auckland!

As we watched the lights of San Francisco fade into the darkness of the Pacific on our long flight, we sat back and relaxed, enjoying a glass (or two) of champagne!

We were able to lay down on our seats that reclined flat, with comfy bedding and light turbulence that rocked us to sleep. We woke sometime in the night to watch our route on the screen as we crossed the equator and the international date line almost simultaneously! The area where we crossed between the red line that marks the dateline was the entirety of our Wednesday, Sept. 27!

A few hours later we woke again to see (on the screen again, since we did not have window seats) the sunrise as we approached Nadi, Fiji in the early morning of Thurs. Sept. 28!


Our best view of Fiji!

After a few hours in Fiji, spent in the lounge since we were not able to leave the airport since we were only transiting the country, we boarded our last plane for the 4 hour flight to Auckland. We arrived in a rain storm and moved with the crowds through the airport and under the elaborately carved archway into our “home country” for the next 6 months!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in New Zealand!


3 Responses to “On Our Way to NZ! September 26, 2023”

  1. Sammy Says:

    I am so happy that your journey has begun! I look forward to reading more and more and more about your adventures! I found the dateline/globe particularly illuminating. Much love to you both ☮️

  2. Rod and Linda Charny Says:

    Terrific! It’s gonna be hard to find a picture without a smile! Cheers!

  3. Lori R Says:

    Have sooo much fun and I’m thankful you’ll be documenting it for us to get a peek into the cultures you will be experiencing and the sites you’ll be seeing. ✌️

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