October 18, 2023 Coastal Walkway Parts 3&4 (Day 21)

This morning I noticed there are ripening artichokes in our hosts front garden!

Artichokes with a bird of paradise in the background.

We decided today is the day to tackle the last 2 sections of the Coastal Walkway that we have not finished. From the Haumi river south to Paihia Road parking area and from the Haumi river north to the town of Paihia. We drove to the broad Haumi river parking area, fronting a big pebble beach that didn’t look too inviting for swimming, and headed south first.

This old tractor was at the edge of private property just yards from the bay.

The track passed through a little, neat & clean campground. Not too full yet.

Imagine waking up to this view out your camper window!

Robert spotted this floating jasmine flower, stuck to spider web maybe?

I wish I could describe the fragrance along most of the trails we have been on! Invasive introduced jasmine is rampant here and Australian frangipani has been introduced as well, among other flowers in profusion. Imagine walking through a perfume department full of tropical flower scents sprayed at you constantly! Sometimes it is overpowering and gives me a headache! We reached Paihia Road and hiked back to the Haumi river parking area. Heading towards Paihia next, we were walking along the bay, on sandy beach or rocks. It seems this route is best at low tide!

Heading to Paihia along the water.

Out in the bay we spotted the Grand Princess, the second cruise ship of the season, with potentially 3,122 passengers, anchored in the bay. From our B&B we can see the tenders bringing the passengers (money) into town. Our host suggested we avoid town on cruise ship days and gave us a list of the boats and their arrival days!

We reached Paihia and got a cappuccino and chai latte to power us back to the car! 4 miles total!

3 Responses to “October 18, 2023 Coastal Walkway Parts 3&4 (Day 21)”

  1. Lori R Says:

    LOVE the floating jasmine flower! How lucky to find that.

  2. Rod and Linda Charny Says:

    I can imagine the fragrances: so similar to our beloved Caribbean islands. I think that many of the islands flowers and trees we think of as “tropical” in the Caribbean and the Hawaiian Islands were not native to those places, but were imported, unlike New Zealand. When we remodeled our house in El Cerrito, we purposefully put in terraces and tropical plants in the yard as a reminder of those wonderful aromas. Surprisingly, they fluourished!

  3. Sammy Says:

    Nice of your host to give you the cruise ship schedule so you can avoid the masses….

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