October 24, 2023 Quest for Fish & Chips (Day 27)

After taking care of bills back home, we headed out on another loop trip to find fish & chips for lunch. We decided to take some backroads through forests. Gravel roads through the woods are common for us in Oregon, but add the tropical aspect and it is fantastic!

The palms and tree ferns really made it feel tropical, despite the cold wind!

We were glad that the holiday is over, fewer cars on the road, in fact we saw more hikers on the road than cars! Part of the roads we took are a section of the Te Araroa trail.

Occasionally the vegetation would part to give views of mountain tops! Also, in one instance, a view of a car that went over the edge, it looked fairly recent!

We went up over the mountains (hills?) and down to a beach where we saw surfers. We continued around the curvy roads to another beach at Whangaruru South (we were at Whangaruru North on Oct. 16). There is a fish & chips shop there, but it was closed, probably to recover from Labour Weekend which ended yesterday. It was windy and no one was on the beach, all the houses looked closed up, curtains drawn, probably until the next holiday! We continued to Helena Bay, a tiny beach, with no services. The road then went uphill towards the Helena Bay Gallery & Cafe. We drove into their beautiful grounds, filled with art, and then discovered that the cafe is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays! We had a feast for the eyes only at the gallery!

Outdoor art…

Indoor art…

And my favorite; Party People!

We were hungry now! So we headed back to Paihia and finally found our fish & Chips at the local Swordfish Club!

The catch of the day, looking over the bay!

We left, satisfied, and with extra to take home!

2 Responses to “October 24, 2023 Quest for Fish & Chips (Day 27)”

  1. Sammy Says:

    Swordfish! Thinking of going out on a charter boat to nab one?

  2. rmj Says:

    Nope, the cruise to the hole in the rock was enough for me! Our host’s Mom has several world records on the wall at the Swordfish Club. The family started the sportfishing business in Bay of Islands and are still renowned for it!

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