October 28, 2023 Paihia Day (Day 31)

The day before the storm that is supposed to be wet and windy! We did some shopping to fill the fridge before the storm comes, and for snacks during the Rugby World Cup Final on Sunday! We finished the day with a walk around Paihia, probably the last time before we leave on Tuesday, Halloween. We walked up a set of stairs we’ve noticed before, but never explored, and got a great view!

The wharf to the right has the dock for the ferry to Russell and docks for the scenic cruises to the islands and Hole in the Rock. The helicopter will fly out to Hole in the Rock also, but land on top too! For more $$$$!

The staircase is just to the right of “Paihias Wee Toilets” and goes up the hill behind the building. The toilets are worth a picture too!

I think they were going for the Hundertwasser image. I just love the stainless steel toilets on the roof!

We stopped at the Tipsy Oyster for some oysters and beer, and again I forgot to take a picture of the oysters before we ate them!

So here’s a picture of a little diorama on the bar, cute little oysters!

Across the street, along the beach, are a line of towering pohutukawa trees I mentioned before. We spotted a few of them beginning to bloom, a harbinger of a summer-like Christmas!

We’ve seen the buds on lots of the pohutukawa we’ve seen on many beaches, but never imagined they would be this red!

3 Responses to “October 28, 2023 Paihia Day (Day 31)”

  1. Sam Says:

    Seems like Paihia has been an excellent “first stop” in your tour of ANZ…some history, many fabulous views, nice walking opportunities.

  2. rmj Says:

    Yes, we’ve really loved it here! Apparently to flora will change as we go south, a whole new set of experiences to look forward to!

  3. Sam Says:

    Yup, more “new” vegetation!

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