October 30, 2023 Rain, Rain, Rain (Day 33)

Today we woke up to a rainy, blustery day! The tail end of Cyclone Lola that devastated parts of Vanuatu a week ago, has been lashing the north island for over a day now. Vanuatu is an island chain in Melanesia, east of Australia and 2,931 km (1,821 miles) generally north of New Zealand. We were safe and warm in our apartment and we put the time to good use. We booked the last part of our long adventure, the route back to Bend, via “The Canadian” train from Toronto, Ontario to Vancouver, BC! We had to get the tickets about 11 months ahead of time to ensure we could get a bedroom cabin for the 4 night journey across the vastness of Canada! We added 2 short train rides from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Montreal, Quebec, and from there to Toronto! To truly cross the continent!

Then the power went out! We had no Wifi, no TV, no oven, etc. So we cooked burgers on the gas grill! And we still had cold beer in the fridge! We roughed it for about 4 hours, then the power came back on! Whew!

Our usual view obscured by rain! Too wet to even walk to the edge of the garden!


3 Responses to “October 30, 2023 Rain, Rain, Rain (Day 33)”

  1. Sammy Says:

    Sometimes bad weather can be helpful! That train ride sounds like just the adventure to slip in at the end of Your Great Adventure!

  2. rmj Says:

    Yes, and we had to get it quick! The agent on the phone was great, he really helped us out.

  3. Sammy Says:

    I always so appreciate when I can reach a human to solve complicated and time-sensitive issues!

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