December 2, 2023 Another Day, Another Walkway (Day 66)

Skyline Walkway today, in the opposite direction on the narrow winding road, towards the suburb of Karori. Another beautiful sunny, windy day! We opted to walk north on the walkway, as the south route takes you up a mountain, great views, BUT, let’s not overdo it! The Walkway starts in a forest of mixed pines and native trees.

We passed the silver fern tree-ferns growing the iconic koru (spiraling new fern fronds).

We came to a fork in the road heading downhill to Karori Park at the edge of the suburb. This route took us onto “Fairy Lane”, a short trail decorated with tiny cottages (for fairies of course!).

Cute, eclectic, creative artworks!

With moving parts and hidden picture treasures!

We especially like this one, the table set with candles and wine, a fairy party ready to happen!

I didn’t know that the 7 dwarfs lived here! Which one is this?

I guess fairies and dwarfs can live in campers too.

We walked around Karori Park, watching the cricket games on the playing fields, trying to figure out what was going on – no clue! We walked a little way up the commercial street, then returned to the park and headed back into the coolness of the forest. A short way into the forest we heard and then spotted a huge parrot! Our hosts had told us about a park, Zealandia, nearby that has native wildlife including many of the native bird species like the Kaka and Kea parrots, but we didn’t expect to see a real wild Kaka! (Not my picture, I nabbed it off the internet)Our hosts also said that there are Kaka on their property too, maybe we will see them one day! Learn about them HERE and listen to their call!

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