December 18, 2023 Thistle Inn (Day 82)

Today we treated ourselves to a unique experience, arranged through an AirBnB “Explore things to do near Makara” offer. A few days ago we chose the “Mystery Dining with a colorful past” and emailed the host at Thistle Inn for a lunch date for today. We were confirmed and just after noon we bussed into town, getting off near the restaurant, walking the few blocks in the beautiful sunny, warm breeze. We were greeted and seated at a table for two in the sunroom and started off with glasses of bubbly! We were served a 4 course dinner with 3 paired wines and personal service with historical insight into the building!

First course; oysters, raw and battered with a watermelon mignonette sauce.

The paired wine was a delicious, smooth Pinot Gris. Since Robert doesn’t drink white wine I got both glasses of bubbly and both glasses of Pinot Gris!

Second course; smoked Kahawai (commonly called Australian salmon, but it is a marine perch) with pickled onion, and gherkins. Delicious!

Third course; main course, a serving of fish and a serving of lamb, guess which I chose! Again, mouthwatering delicious! Paired with a Pinot Noir, which Robert got both glasses of!

Finishing off with brown sugar and cinnamon panna cotta with honey & creme fraiche gelato and blueberries.

We moved to the bar for more liquid dessert after a short walk around the building.

When we started at 1pm the restaurant was busy with lunch time diners, bustling wait staff and lots of conversation swirling around. When we finished our 4 courses we were about the only ones in the place and enjoyed a quiet round of drinks!

A picture circa 1866 of the Thistle Inn on the left and Old St. Paul’s Church on the right, when both were practically waterfront properties! The current waterfront is now about 600m away and filled with modern buildings, the railway station and the ferry and cruise ship docks!

2 Responses to “December 18, 2023 Thistle Inn (Day 82)”

  1. Linda D Charny Says:

    Why is the waterfront so far away now? Did the seas recede or did they use landfill? And hyou’re really getting into the swing of things: meters!

  2. rmj Says:

    I think it’s all fill, although an earthquake in 1855 did raise the land somewhat out of the water, creating a link from the mainland over to Miramar which was an island. Now the airport takes up most of the isthmus!

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