December 24, 2023 Fog (Day 88)

Christmas Eve here, just enough time to head into town to pick up some supplies before we take the ferry to the South Island. On our way back we drove up to West Wind -wind farm, on the hilltops above Makara Beach. We knew it would be socked in, being overcast down below, but we had only been up there when we hiked up from the beach way back on Dec. 1, a sunny day!

Yes, it was socked in! The wind was not as strong as we anticipated though!

Across from the parking lot was this defunct building in the fog. We don’t know what it’s function was in the past, but it is abandoned now.

We met this bad boy on the way up, and got the picture on the way down. Wouldn’t want to meet him on the road!

On the way back down to Makara Road we spotted Jack & Jill’s farm! We recognized it by the paddocks and the wind break of pine trees. The sheep must be shivering up there now after their shearing! Jack said that their appetite increases after their shearing!

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