January 3, 2024 Great Taste Trail Walk (Day 98)

We returned to Tapawera today to walk part of the Great Taste Trail. A sunny warm day and a trail out in the open, alongside a busy road, the walk didn’t turn out to be what we expected! There were great parts, but we called it quits after almost 4 and a half miles!

We crossed the Motueka river with the many ranges of the Tasman mountains to the west.

We passed an alpaca/goat farm, none of the residents curious about us.

Back in town I read more history at the gateway near the little museum.

A link between the Maori culture, represented by E Kehu (a Maori guide) on the right post, and the Pakeha culture, represented by Thomas Brunner (a pakeha explorer) on the left post, this gateway (Waharoa) and an explanation panel are very interesting.After the inspirational reading we headed home over the gravel road to our last evening at this B&B and a last visit with the mare & foal!

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