January 17, 2024 Lake Opuha (Day 112)

Robert was up early to get this shot of the sunrise on the mountains behind town, at the base of the Southern Alps!

The mountains are to the west of us, so the morning sun, rising over the
South Pacific lights them up!

Robert then took a short walk into town to check out the small grocery store.I have to make a confession, I’ve been laid up by Covid since Jan. 12, isolating from Robert and wearing a mask when in the car. So Robert has been taking the walks and pictures, except the walking we did yesterday on our travel day. It’s been a bad cold mostly, and I am improving! Robert had a day to himself and decided to drive the 15km to the nearby Lake Opuha, created by a dam in 1998. He hiked 5 miles along the lake in a strong wind under a sunny sky. I stayed home, rested and baked a tuna casserole for dinner.

The mountains seem much more impressive from this vantage point!

A real bonus here, fresh raspberries! This is just today’s pickings!

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