January 24 Riverton (Day 119)

Another cold windy day so we didn’t do any walking, but we drove to the beach of Riverton, where the Pourakino River flows out to the Great Southern Ocean.

Way out in the distance on the right you can see a bump of land that is Stewart Island. The 3rd largest New Zealand Island, and the most southerly inhabited NZ island. There are groups of islands further south that are no longer inhabited.

We braved the cold wind briefly then headed back to our “Cute Cosy Hut”, and when those words are used it means “eclectic, tiny, outside toilet”! With no wifi, internet, or cell phone service, we were ‘roughing it’!

The landscaping has grown up around the hut, making it private and lush.

A large deck makes outdoor living possible, but not with the weather we had today! The deck connects the hut with the outdoor flush toilet in a small shed screened by bushes. The shower is around the corner from the front door and had great water pressure and lots of hot water! Occasionally birds would try to get into the shower room to nest under the roof.

The outdoor bathtub, big enough for 2, is raised above the main deck and overlooked by a horse who was there only part of our stay.

Outside the front door is the picnic deck looking towards the paddocks that marked the end of town.

And finally, the full moon rising over the trees to the northeast of the hut.

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