January 31 Move to Te Anau (Day 126)

Our last long-view sunrise in Riverton! A good day to travel!

We had packed up most of our stuff last night, so we didn’t have too much to do except cleaning up the Cosy Cute Hut. Of course I had to do some window cleaning, only the front glass door that had nose prints from a previous dog guest! Robert had the toughest job of cleaning out the vacuum cleaner, for some reason every place we’ve been had a stuffed vacuum cleaner that needed cleaning out or a new bag before we could use it!

We chose a more inland route, with the Southern Alps on our left, and drove 2 hours, passing the turnoff to Manapouri where we were just yesterday.

We arrived at Te Anau on Lake Te Anau, the 2nd largest NZ lake, and the deepest. We’re staying at a hotel for 4 nights for a package 3 day tour of hiking each day on one of the many world famous tracks in and around the Southern Alps!

I think the room is bigger than the hut we were in for the last week! There’s a great view of the mountains, screened a bit by the trees.

We took a short walk around town in the heat of the day and got dinner at the hotel cafe. We need a good nights sleep for our hiking adventure tomorrow!

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