February 5 Day Off (Day 131)

While relaxing today I delved into some of the things we learned during our 3 days of guided hikes. One thing in particular is the Tree Fuchsia, the largest member of my favorite flowering shrub, the fuchsia. This is a native NZ tree and one that is deciduous, losing it’s leaves in the winter. Only 11 of the 260 native NZ trees are deciduous! Most trees in NZ are evergreen, we’ll have to spend a winter here to see what that’s like!

This tree fuchsia was along the Milford Track. The Tree Fuchsia has distinctive orangish peeling bark.

These trees can grow up to 40 ft. tall, with a trunk circumference of about 3 feet. Yet the flower is tiny but packs a nectar punch, feeding the tui and numerous other birds.

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