February 8 Modes of Transport (Day 134)

After 4 days of ‘relaxing’ and a surgery, Robert was “Itchy” to get moving so he set out for a walk and ended up walking 8 miles round trip through town and along the edge of Lake Te Anau!

The aerial transport modes! Float plane and helicopter!

The water surface modes of transport, boat, from water taxis to overnight small cruise boats!

For being at the edge of Fiordlands National Park, Te Anau itself is very flat and surrounded by agricultural land, mostly sheep & cattle paddocks, but also herds of red deer kept in ‘deer yards’ for a thriving venison export market. Te Anau actually did not exist as a township until 1953 when the Homer tunnel was completed and the road to Milford Sound was opened to general traffic, making the tourist industry flourish!

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