February 25 Market Day (Day 151)

Sunday is Market Day in the small community of Fox River, only 2km (1.2 miles) down the coast from our perch on the mountainside above the ocean. We had a great breakfast then headed to the Market!

A central tent with vendors hawking mostly craft items, several vendors ring around the tent, in the sun, selling jams, honey and crafts. Against the cliff wall is a small restaurant with a tented patio and a spot for a singer playing folk-country songs.

We were there at about 10:30am and there were some shoppers. We wandered around viewing the wares, not many of which we could pack in our bags to bring home! We walked to the Fox River along which there is a ‘freedom camping’ parking lot, with a bathroom available, and the entrance to a walking track that goes up into the mountains along the coast. We had a bite to eat at the market and listened to the music before driving further down the coast to sightsee.

At the tiny community of Punakaiki we walked along the closed road that fronts the rip-rap that the high tide waves were washing against! This gull did not seem fazed by our presence!

Driving home back up the coast the view is spectacular! The sun is finally burning off the haze of moisture left from the storm yesterday.

Closer to our Airbnb this rock outcrop really shows the power of the ocean in wearing down the rocky coast!

Settling on the deck in the sun, we wondered “why go anywhere? It’s beautiful right here!”

We got a real “hippie vibe” from the market and the community in general! I looked up more info about Fox River and found this post about the Fox River Commune. And this YouTube about the Commune.

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