March 13 The Property (Day 168)

We took the opportunity to walk around the property today, or I should say walk up and down the property, because it’s on a hillside. The driveway up to the house we are in is pretty steep, sometimes the tires slip on the way up! The driveway continues up to the owner’s house and we found gravel and wooden walkways going into the bush. One walkway led to a greenhouse and small garden.

This tikiĀ  on the walkway looks like Walter, one of ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s dummies!

A second walkway led to a small chicken coop, with only one resident right now, the other 3 free range chickens we spotted partying around a campfire pit at the end of another grassy walkway!We returned down the main driveway, taking in the fabulous view of Woodpecker Bay where the Fox River flows into the ocean.The division between the driveway up to the house we are staying in and the driveway up to the owner’s place is graced by this buddha head and beautiful abalone shells.

A calm and relaxing place to stay! HERE are some pictures of the house we are staying in.

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