March 24 Hamilton Gardens (Day 179)

We had a shorter drive today and we stopped in the town of Hamilton to visit the Hamilton Gardens. It was unusually busy we thought, then realized that the entrance fee was waived today, so we joined the throngs to see the beautiful and diverse gardens.

The Indian Char Bagh Garden was the most colorful! The Maori Te Parapara Garden fence protected the kumara (sweet potato) field, a staple of the pre-European diet. The Italian Renaissance Garden was reflective of the era’s attempt to order the natural world! The English Tudor Garden was influenced by mythical figures adorning the poles. And the Surrealist Garden entrance was surreal! These are only a few of the many “Enclosed Gardens” that are highlighted.

A lovely couple were posing for professional photos (maybe an upcoming wedding?). I snapped a few just because the setting is so beautiful!

We continued on our way to our destination, the Skytower in Auckland where we will stay overnight!

They knew we were coming!

It was still light out so we took a walk to find some dinner and sightsee.

A view of the clock tower at the University of Auckland.

The old and the new. A view of the SkyTower between the Old Synagogue circa 1858 and a Merchants House circa 1900.

And finally, a night view of the SkyTower as we headed back after meandering around town for a few hours.

We need a good night’s sleep for our adventure tomorrow!

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