April 1 Swan River (Day 187)

We finally struck out on our own. With Easter over, but 2 more days of Holiday left, we though we might finally find some camping spots available! We are starting our tour by driving north, up the east coast. Our first stop was in Buckland when we saw this old church along the road.

The stone church dates from the 1830’s I think based on the tombstones around it!

The otherwise small, dark interior was lighted by these beautiful stained glass windows!

We eventually made our way to a free campsite at a boat ramp on the Swan River just outside of the small town of Swansea. It seems more used by locals than tourists as there are no hiking trails or amenities, but it serves our purpose for the night!

Robert ventured a little way onto this old rotting dock. Clouds are forming, it’s supposed to rain tonight.

There’s not much to setting up in this rig. So we took a walk along the road, seeing sheep out in the bone dry paddocks.

It’s such a drought here that the roads are littered with roadkill, animals that graze along the road where whatever water there is supports a little greenery.

The closest we have gotten to cockatoos! We heard them and saw them flying over at Connie’s.

The Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo!

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