April 7 Eddystone to Lilydale (Day 193)

Last night at the pub we got some suggestions from the locals as to what to see around the area. One site recommended was the Eddystone Point Lighthouse, “hard to get to, but the most beautiful lighthouse in Australia” I think the words were! Yes, it was a washboard dirt road, but he was right! The wind was roaring and the waves crashing, a drizzle of rain off and on, and a rainbow!

The lighthouse, built of the local granite is impressive, as are the 3 keepers houses built of the same stone.

Hold onto your hat! We saw 2 little wallabies hopping through the brush on this short walk.

We’ve seen so much roadkill, but I don’t think we’ve seen any Tasmanian Devils.

We drove back through Gladstone, grateful to be on paved roads, and continued west and inland to another free campsite at Lilydale Falls Reserve.

The upper falls (upper picture) and lower falls (lower picture). In a green forested glen!

As we drive further north and west in Tasmania the vegetation is greening up, maybe due to the recent rain as well. The green here is more muted, less vibrant than the New Zealand green! The eucalyptus trees have more of an olive green color and more sparse leaves, but we were surprised to see tree ferns here! After our hike to the falls we found a defunct railway on a grade above and behind the camping area. We walked along that until it crossed the road, and returned to our campsite.

Railways always make me want to travel!

After dinner we relaxed and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.


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