April 29 Indian Ocean Beach (Day 215)

Road trip today! We did some errands in town, though we actually have not been to Perth proper yet! There are so many suburbs around Perth that have all the amenities we need, we have not felt the need to go into the ‘city’! We chose to travel south a little bit and visit a beach! On the way we stopped at a park on the Swan River and discovered that New Zealand is not the only place with eclectic/artistic toilets!


We traveled through the south and west suburbs to the small beachside community of Falcon, on a small sliver of land between the Indian Ocean and Collins Pool, a large body of saltwater with it’s inlet just south of Falcon. We stopped at a lookout point and headed out onto the golden beach.

The ‘sand’ seems to be ground seashells!

We enjoyed a walk around the point, past a few people soaking up the warm rays of the sun, past a stand-up paddleboarder entering the water, and found a board walk to take us back to shade!

Up above the beach we turned to take in the view and saw the paddleboarder catch a wave and surf it back into the beach!

We took a more rural route home, past dry brown paddocks, some small acre ‘lifestyle block’ ranchettes and turned off at Serpentine National Park to visit Serpentine Falls. We were too late, the park was closed, bummer, but with the drought the falls is probably underwhelming right now!

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