May 2 They Found Us (Day 218)

We all know that a Democracy entails participation by the governed!

“The hallmark of democracy is that it permits citizens to participate in making laws and public policies by regularly choosing their leaders and by voting in assemblies or referenda. If their participation is to be meaningful and effective—if the democracy is to be real and not a sham—citizens must understand their own interests, know the relevant facts, and have the ability to critically evaluate political arguments. Each of those things presupposes education.”

So, Deschutes County forwarded our ballots to our present location, which we provided the address to before we left the country! We spent today perusing and studying the voter pamphlet online and voting in the 2024 Primary Election, then running around town looking for a place we could print out the forms we need to fill out as absentee voters, signing them and emailing the ballots back to Deschutes County!We then relaxed inside while it rained and thundered outside!

A beautiful sunset ended the very blustery, stormy evening!

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