May 25 Testi Kebab (Day 241)

No balloons this morning and a little bit of rain kept us indoors after breakfast. At breakfast we had a great conversation with our host whose family moved to Goreme about 25 years ago. At that time their stone House was the only one in the area! It has built up considerably since then!

A detail in the garden, a grapevine growing out of the wall!

Eventually we headed out for an early dinner and chose the Testi Kebab, a traditional dish of a stew cooked in a clay jug that is capped with dough that creates a pressure cooker effect. It comes out of the oven on a tray of burning coals!

The jug is cracked at the neck with a hammer and the hard burnt dough lid is removed. The cooked stew is then poured out into a hot clay dish!

It was delicious, unfortunately it wasn’t lamb!

We had to head back to pack for a long travel day tomorrow.

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