June 10 Villa San Giovanni (Day 257)

Our day began with a cloudy but beautiful sunrise over the Adriatic Sea.

We docked in Bari, Italy just 20 minutes later than scheduled and were among the first foot traffic passengers to disembark. We were surprised that there were so few of us, most ferry passengers were truck drivers with their big rigs, tour bus passengers or people with cars We waited about 15 minutes to catch a shuttlebus that took us to the train station.

A glimpse of Bari, Italy through the bus window.

Our first of many trains today! Also the first official use of our Eurail Pass!

The four legs of our trip across the boot of Italy! Bari is at the top of the heel, the purple line took us to Taranto at the back of the arch. The blue line took us along the coast of the arch to Sibari. The green line took us part way across the bridge of the foot to Castiglione Cosentin. The final leg, the red, took us to Villa San Giovanni at the tip of the toe!

We opted to stay one night in Villa San Giovanni in order to catch the 20 minute ferry across the Messina Strait to Sicily tomorrow morning!

The cute little balcony at our Airbnb. We ate dinner there later.

We cleaned up and enjoyed watching the sunset from the balcony before we headed out to hunt up some authentic Italian pizza take-away for dinner!

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