June 12 Letojanni (Day 259)

We had a leisurely morning, having for breakfast the leftover spaghetti from last night. We contemplated how to spend our time today and did research on what activities and attractions are nearby. By then it was afternoon and hot so we decided to just wander around Letojanni!

We found the main plaza of town, facing the waterfront which is lined with pebbly beaches, restaurants and small amusement parks with trampolines, carousels and games for kids of all ages! 

The ubiquitous main church anchors the far end of the plaza. We heard music from within and I peeked in, the view plus the many cars including a hearse outside told us a funeral was taking place. 

Also along the waterfront we saw this statue of a rearing horse. The plaque on the base must explain the symbolism. Does it perhaps have something to do with the origin of the name of the town?

Later I did some research and found 2 different explanations of the name ‘Letojanni’. One says it is of Latin and Arabic source, ‘leto’ from ‘laetum’ meaning rich and Arabic ‘ayn’ meaning spring. The other says “Letojanni” is said to derive from the Sicilian pronunciation of “lieti anni” meaning ‘happy years’. Maybe a good place to retire!

Regardless, the translated text seems to be a fantastical story of Leto-a river and Janni-a horse, drowned in the river?

We stopped for refreshment and had a cafe crema, sort of a coffee flavored soft ice cream!

We eventually returned to the restaurant close to the apartment and were greeted like old friends. We enjoyed another great seafood pasta dinner with complimentary limoncello for dessert!

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