June 28 Venice to Genoa (Day 275)

From the Venetian Lagoon at the tip of the Adriatic Sea to the Gulf of Genoa on the northern part of the Mediterranean Sea in about 5 hours by train! Both cities with long and influential histories mostly related to seafaring!

Goodbye Venice with your busy canals!

Hello Genoa with your busy port!

We disembarked at the main train station and walked the 20 minutes to our hotels, along the sunny waterfront street, then into the narrow stone streets into the labyrinth of passages! After we got situated and settled a little bit we went out to explore the surroundings. The waterfront is easy to get to and has several piers we walked out on.

This replica ship built for a movie I think, is a prominent tourist attraction.

The biosphere is filled with tropical plants and birds.

Along the street opposite the waterfront are older buildings, this one richly decorated.

We found a little restaurant/bar behind this building where we stopped for drinks and the Cicchetti (finger food snacks) kept coming! We had plate after plate of various sandwiches and focaccia, the herb and olive oil bread that Genoa is known for, so much that we decided that would be our dinner!

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