Peter Kane Mine

Our friends Glen and Barb from British Columbia took us to a remote mine site created by Peter Kane in the 1920’s and 30’s. During the winters of two decades he worked at building a road to his site, carving small caves in the wall of a wash to live, cook and store supplies, and digging his mine. After his equipment was vandalized he gave up and died penniless in nearby Blythe, CA. His meticulous road has survived the decades since, through storm and sun, attesting to his determination and single handed hard work with pry bar and muscle only!


Barb and Mary Jo in front of one of the many retaining walls supporting the road.


Two of the three small caves carved into the wash. We finally found Peter Kane’s waterhole, with the help of the GPS. A modern addition to the waterhole is the pipe to a wildlife ‘guzzler’ probably installed by the fish and game department.


Below the cliff is the original waterhole, a mecca for wildlife and probably the reason Peter Kane sited his mining efforts nearby!


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